The day I found out I was different was the day I started living my life. When I stopped letting what people say get to me was the most joyous day of my life besides when I gave birth to my children. I’m a strong African-American woman who knows her self-worth. I will no longer live my life by how others feel and by what others say. When I stopped caring I started living it was like a weight had been lifted off my back. I know I have my flaws which of us don’t, but before you judge me please get to know me first.  You just might be doing yourself a favor by getting to know me. 

So many of us go through our entire life wondering what makes us different. Well I found out my story what makes me different is that I strong-minded and once I make my mind up their’s no changing it. I’m always a good listener to the few friends I do have. I’m not to quick to speak on things I have no knowledge of. But I will give my opinion on things I do have knowledge of.

So if any of you out there that have somethings to get off your chest just shot me a line or to and I won’t judge I promise.