Hi everyone that’s reading my blog my name is Karmaletta which I hate with a passion. I decided to write my blog to get a lot of things of my chest. I decided to post to my blog instead of hurting a lot of people feelings I love writing things that affect my everyday life or just sometimes to rant in rave. I don’t really care what people say about me since I have plenty of self-esteem. Just wanted to get people’s attention on topics that are not really talked about. There will be a lot of things you may not agree with but lets just decide now to agree to disagree. Remember this is my blog and I do and say what I want when I want. I would love for you all to give feed back leave comments or disregard what I say all together. All I ask is to respectful to others as well as me and everything will be swelllllllllllllll. With that being said you have a wonderful day and remember to contact me my email is glendorachick@yahoo.com and glendorachick.wordpress.com.