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The day I started living

The day I found out I was different was the day I started living my life. When I stopped letting what people say get to me was the most joyous day of my life besides when I gave birth to my children. I’m a strong African-American woman who knows her self-worth. I will no longer live my life by how others feel and by what others say. When I stopped caring I started living it was like a weight had been lifted off my back. I know I have my flaws which of us don’t, but before you judge me please get to know me first.  You just might be doing yourself a favor by getting to know me. 

So many of us go through our entire life wondering what makes us different. Well I found out my story what makes me different is that I strong-minded and once I make my mind up their’s no changing it. I’m always a good listener to the few friends I do have. I’m not to quick to speak on things I have no knowledge of. But I will give my opinion on things I do have knowledge of.

So if any of you out there that have somethings to get off your chest just shot me a line or to and I won’t judge I promise.


Bullying Today In Schools

I think there is so much bullying in te schools today,because the people who are supposed to be in charge is leaving it up to others instead of doing there jobs. Me myself I can admit being a former bully in my school days make me literally sick thinking of the pain I could have cause of anyone life. I would never want that for either of my children. I often bullied other kids because I had low self-esteem and didn’t want to attract attention to myself. But what I was doing was still attracting attention to me.

Also I agree with wearing school uniforms at school ,because that gives everyone equal playing field and a lot I think that would cut down a lot of bullying ae well. The cool dressed kids don’t talk to the uncool dressed kids at least that’s how it was when I attended school. I feel this way because everyone parents don’t have the privilege to send their kids to school in name brand clothing. Since their purpose is to get in education anyway that shouldn’t matter and no-one would feel left out.

Those are my thought on the subject let me know yours. And let’s help stop bullying.

Do I or Don’t I

Do I OR DON’T I my husband is pressuring me to have anal sex, But I’m not really into that kind of stuff so my question is do I give into his sexual fantasy or just see how it plays out